End of an era!

Despite the lockdown I have been working extremely hard over the last few months finishing off my final degree project. It has been incredibly challenging without a studio and with limited equipment but I made it thanks to the support and encouragement from my fiancee and peers! I am now ready for a well earned rest!

Check out the whole project in the gallery section!

When an individual starts the process of building a home they surround themselves with objects of personal expression - The space around them becomes an extension of self. But at some point, as is in our nature we pair off and our lives gradually become intertwined with another and become an amalgamation of personal and joint expression. The objects are no longer an extension of self, they are an extension of the couple.  Creating a home together is truly an act of deep intimacy. Using ceramics as a medium, Home celebrates this intimacy and the journey couples embark on together. From family heirlooms to contemporary tableware, Home explores the objects that are brought together within the domestic space in a juxtaposed fusion of desires and aesthetics. The work is influenced by contemporary Scandinavian design and adheres to the movements’ three fundamental guidelines: focus, minimalism and simplicity. Using simple lighting techniques each image is created to amplify the uniqueness and elegance of its subject whilst giving a gentle nod to the domestic spaces that have been meticulously curated and come to symbolise the merging of two individuals.

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